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Our Services

We provide research and analysis of fuel and waste products as well as other appropriate samples according to applicable international standards and customer requirements. Testing against all ENplus and even more parameters can be obtained for wood and other heat pellets. The laboratory and methods are internationally accredited. We also offer a variety of non-accredited methods.

In case of order amount above EUR 1000,-/month ask Your Special Price!

How to obtain our services: 

Simply send us Your sample

You can deliver samples personally, use a courier delivery service (such as UPS, TNT, DHL, DPD), send by post or via parcel machine (Omniva, DPD).

You will receive the test results by email in a digitally signed PDF document. It usually takes less than 6 business days including sample sending time with fast delivery from abroad.

Rush orders may be arranged by phone and are processed in about 2 business days.


How to order

Samples should be delivered to the laboratory address that can be found in the Contacts section. 

Please send a correctly completed order form along with your sample. Instructions can be found on the order form. Ask, and we will help, if needed.  You can also send a completed and scanned form by email. When placing the order for the first time or if your details have changed, please provide them on the reverse side of the form or in the email. 

About the Laboratory

Despite being a small enterprise, the Virsma Ltd. laboratory for testing waste products and fuels has extensive experience and capabilities, including experienced and highly-qualified staff, the required infrastructure, equipment and hardware, etc. The laboratory was established in 1991 and has been operating successfully ever since, continuously improving testing methodology and implementing best laboratory practices. This has ensured EU accreditation according to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Testimony to the high quality of our work are the excellent results in international comparative testing.

The capabilities of the laboratory exceed the scope of accreditation. New methods of analysis and research methodologies are developed based on the laboratory measurement data. We expand our capabilities, leveraging them with the needs of our customers. An agreement can be formalised with a specific contract. We are constantly expanding our scope of accreditation. Where required, the laboratory cooperates with partners to address the various subjects in our scope of competence that are requested by our customers.

Sākums: Contact

Contact us

Virsma Ltd.,

Sergeja Eizensteina street 29, Room 420 (4th floor),

Riga, LV-1079, Latvia

(+371) 29283123

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