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(To be Sent by email or entered on the reverse side of the form attached to the sample at least once)

We require the following details in order to issue an invoice:

  • Legal name

  • Registration number

  • VAT payer number (if your company is a VAT payer)

  • The legal and actual address of the company (if the two are different)


Please consider and, if necessary, provide the following information in addition to invoice details:

  • email address (required if you would like to receive copies of the test report and invoice by email)

  • additional contact numbers (your order may be delayed if we are unable to reach you quickly)

  • if you order the original documents to be delivered by post, please specify to which address they should be sent - the legal, actual or any other address

  • any other information that should be taken into account when carrying out this particular order or for all of your orders


If the information listed above remains unchanged for subsequent orders, it is not required to provide it in the future. Only changes should be notified.

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